Ultimate: The First Four Decades
Ultimate History Book
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Message from the Publisher


A very exciting event is happening in the Ultimate world... the first book chronicling the history of the sport has been published. It is a large 'coffee table' style book covering the beginnings of the sport in the late '60s through today. And of course it includes tons of great photos (many published for the first time from both professional and amateur Ultimate photographers). It also includes a DVD with never before seen footage and interviews with the founders of the sport.
This over year long effort was funded by Ultimate players making this a truly Ultimate community project. The hope is that this book will help bring the Ultimate community closer together as we all learn more of our heritage and traditions. You'll learn about the people and teams who built the sport, who almost won, and who won and the price they paid to reach the top.

Two professional sports writers and long time Ultimate players,Tony Leonardo and Adam Zagoria, are the senior writers and editors. The book includes numerous sidebars written by the Ultimate players who have lived our history in their own words. It also includes a chapter on Leagues and how they have grown dramatically in North America. There is also a chapter on International expansion over the past few decades. The appendix includes the results of every nationals and worlds, rosters of every national champion team going back before the UPA, and some very special personal accomplishments never compiled before.

The design of the book is amazing. Liquid Inc. and Jason Wedekind created one of the best looking coffee table books I've ever seen.

Feel free to forward this website to your Ultimate friends and 'email lists' you are on, and even your family. The only way to spread the word is with your help. So please make sure your teammates, ex-teammates, leaguemates, et al all know about:
"ULTIMATE--The First Four Decades."

Many thanks,
Joe Seidler
UPA Board Member 2002-2004
Ultimate dad

Promoting the book at club nationals

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