Ultimate: The First Four Decades
Ultimate History Book
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DVD Contents

Enjoy the 90 minute DVD included with "ULTIMATE-- The First Four Decades." It has never before seen footage of the sport (including the earliest known film of Ultimate in the world), interviews with the founders of the sport and scenes from some of the best videos ever made about Ultimate. And as a fun bonus, a 1976 Wham-O TV ad is also featured. The DVD includes:

  • Short clip from Columbia High School vs Nutley High School game (1971)
  • Ultimate promotional film made at Columbia High School by alumni (1974)
  • Scenes from interview with Jared Kass
    Topic: Ultimate’s Amherst College early origins in 1967 and teaching it to summer schoolers including Joel Silver at Northfield-Mt. Hermon School in the summer of 1968
  • Scenes from interview with Joel Silver
    Topic: How Ultimate came to be at Columbia High School in 1968 and the creation of the official sport of Ultimate Frisbee
  • Scenes from interview with Tom "TK" Kennedy (founder of the UPA) Topics: How Ultimate started in Santa Barbara and "Spirit of the Game"
  • "Quest To Be Best in Ultimate Frisbee" with George Plimpton (1985) NYU 1987 Video Festival: Best of Show, Best Documentary & Best Videography
  • ESPN and Howard Cosell TV programs on Ultimate (1985 and 1986)
  • Scenes from "Above & Beyond" (1999 and 2000) Produced by: Mike Bell, Lance Larson and Brad Holmes
  • Scenes from "I Bleed Black" (2001) Produced by: Seven on the Line Productions
  • Slideshow of photos from UPA 25th Anniversary reunion in Sarasota, Florida (2004)


Ultimate History Book

DVD Testimonials

"I watched the DVD with my most hard core Ultimate playing friends here on Maui and we all loved it - In fact, we are planning a party in part to show off the footage and to promote the book! I would certainly recommend this DVD to one and all. The evolution of our sport over the decades is creatively captured. The decade by decade presentation demonstrates how the basics of the sport in the early decades transitioned to increasing athleticism and focus on strategy in the later decades. Reflecting on our 25th Anniversary through the images from the 2004 Nationals celebration is a fitting initiation for the Alumni Hall of Fame and helps pave the way for the decades to come. A must see DVD that brings our book to life! BRAVO!"

Suzanne Fields
Member of Ultimate Hall of Fame


"I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the DVD that will come with the book. It includes very interesting interviews, truly historical footage, and some of the best documentary pieces ever made about Ultimate. There are pieces in the DVD that only a handful of people have seen before. I'm sure that all viewers will come away with a better appreciation for the state of Ultimate through the decades."

Irv Kalb
CHS alumni and member of Ultimate Hall of Fame


"Early black-and-white film footage of Ultimate that I never knew existed. Interviews of how Ultimate got started by the founders themselves. Video of Ultimate in the 80's with voiceovers and comments that are great. In a sentence: Important audio-visual documentation of our game's history. I really enjoyed watching the preview of the DVD. Worthy stuff!"

Hartti Suomela

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