Ultimate: The First Four Decades
Ultimate History Book
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Janine Konkel (Ann Arbor, MI):
"I've played Ultimate since 1991 and have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to see what came before me. The photos and the stories are fabulous. It's so nice to actually show my family that this game I play isn't some unknown sport with no sense of history or value. It was hard to put it all into words before to help them understand what I spent all my spare time doing. Now that you've done that - I feel like they'll really begin to understand more about the sport that's been such a huge part of my life."

Will Deaver (UPA Championship Director):
"The UPA’s copies showed up in early January. It is amazing. I really just meant to take a quick peek at the thing, and then I snap back to the real world and notice that I've been standing for an hour, completely absorbed by the pictures, charts, and the writing. I spent some time off and on all weekend just opening the book up to a random place, and every time, I was able to immediately find something I was interested in checking out for 5 or 10 minutes. It really is put together well in so many ways (writing, good/relevant pictures, topic selection, topic placement, layout, progression, etc)."

Troy Frever (former UPA Board President):
"After two and a half decades playing Ultimate, I was surprised by how much I had forgotten. It's hard to imagine a book recreating the joy of play, but "ULTIMATE--The First Four Decades" scores big, bringing those years right back to life."

Steve Mooney (seven times national champion):
"The only bad thing about this book is that it will fly in the face of our mantra of "the older we get, the better we were" because now we have a book with the REAL story."

Jon Hines (one of the founders of the sport):
"This new book is full of the right stuff.  I know, because I was there at Ultimate's creation
- - at Columbia High in New Jersey back in '68, through the first intercollegiate game in '72.  And thankfully it's been written only 36 years later when my memory, while a bit dusty, is still good enough to have pitched in to help the author(s) get the early facts straight. I feel privileged to have played a role in developing this great game, and am now tickled to see it memorialized so well for all time in the ULTIMATE--The First Four Decades."

Suzanne Fields (inaugural member of the Ultimate Hall of Fame):
"ULTIMATE--The First Four Decades captures our sport in a way that speaks to the commitment we made to Ultimate. Ultimate was our reason for being; it's what we did or thought about every day. In those early years, some of us nearly lost jobs as the sport consumed our lives. But, most of us gained lifetime memories and friendships that are refreshed and renewed through this book. Thank you for reminding us about the beginnings of our sport and documenting what we started. Ultimate's history will continue to grow; thanks for giving us a book to treasure, alongside those friends and experiences gained through our sport."

Jim Mallon (SLO, CA):
"I received my (two) copies of the Ultimate history book a couple of days ago and I just had to write to commend you -- and all your collaborators -- on an incredible job!! Your hard work has paid off with a classy, comprehensive publication that truly captures the spirit of the game and helps illustrate once and for all just what it is that so captivates we who live and breathe Ultimate Frisbee. I can't wait to share the book with some of the kids I'm playing Ultimate with these days at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. They all need a good history lesson and now it won't just be me talking stories. I've got the definitive document!"


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