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Page 1:11
In Founders of Early Teams table: Rob Siedenberg should be Rob Seidenberg.
Teams Founders table has been updated: www.ultimatehistory.com/founders/Pg/teamfounders.html

Page 2:24
Photo is Mark Danna throwing, not Doug Newland (also incorrect in Index).

Page 2:38
End of first column should be:
"The Condors also prevailed handily in a demonstration game inside the Rose Bowl in front of tens of thousands of sun-drenched, shirtless, long-haired fans, most of whom had come to enjoy the canines and were watching Ultimate for the first time."

Page 2:45
Through a clipping error, the picture from the 1977 Western Regionals at the University of California, Irvine was significantly altered. In the image, it appears that the two players are both reaching for the disc. In the original photo, we see that the Foothill player (Stork) has extended his left arm above the Santa Barbara player (name?) and that Stork already has the disc in his grasp. His catching hand was entirely removed in the clipping process.

Page 3:52
Right column: All references to team Chaos should be KAOS. Founded by Diane Tartaglia in 1979. Created out of Mercer County Ultimate Disc League (MCUDL).

Page 3:60
Left column: Brian Foute should be Brian Fouty (also incorrect in Index).

Page 4:70
The caption on the photo indicates Pat King spiked the disc on Brent Russell. He did not.

Page 4:89
Photo of the "10 SHARP" shirt: credits should include "Designed and printed by Adam Ford in 1990/91 for Albuquerque Anarchy team."

Page 4:104a (center pullout)
Photo caption should read "Roan McNab of Gainesville's Vicious Cycle snared a goal at the 1991 Southern Regionals over Chain Lightning's Stu Downs (left) and Laird Williams (right)."

Pages 5:117-118
Name is now Lori Parham Ewald.

Page 5:122
Right column: Delia Chu should be Delia Chiu (also incorrect in Index).

Page 5:133
Photo caption: The game was the semifinals, not the finals.

Page 6:152
Under Mercer County Ultimate Disc League: Along with Don Steinberg - Joe Hankins and Jerry Harcar were the three people who started the MCUDL.

Page 6:156
East Bay Winter League is in Berkeley, CA.

Page 7:163
Australia: Team Destroyers should be Disctroyers.
Great Britain: In October 1976, Richard Hicks founded a disc sports team at Purley High School and then a club team at Warwick University...

Page 7:164
Great Britain: Today, UK Ultimate Association (UKUA) has about 8,000 active players including University, school and club players.

Appendix Page a:3
Under History of UPA: First paid coach (Derek van Lent at SUNY Purchase) was in 1980, not 1986.

Appendix Page a:4
History of UPA: North Carolina moved from Southern Region to Mid-Atlantic Region in 1994, not 1993.

Under Disc Model Used: at bottom should read "1991-present."

Appendix Page a:6
Regional Coordinators (Club) - West should be "(NW starting in 1995)" (not SW).

Appendix Page b:2
Under UPA College - Open and Women's National Championships:
- 1997 Open Semifinalists - UNCW should be Carleton.
- 1989 & 1990 Women's 2nd Place should be Michigan, not Michigan State.

Appendix Page c:1
Under Triple Crown Winners: missing names-
Johnny "Mo" Morrison: College Open Stanford '84, Club Open Tsunami '88, Club Masters Us '94.
Dennis Karlinsky: College Open UCSC '91, Club Open Sockeye '04, Club Masters Throwback '06.
Brook Martin: College Open Oregon '92, Club Open Sockeye '04, Club Masters Throwback '06.

Under Triple Division Winners: Missing name-
Matthew "Matty" Jefferson: Club Open NY '89, '90, '91; Club Masters Cigar '98: WUCC Masters Cigar '99

Under Interesting Tidbits: Longest gap between attending Nationals: add-
Carey Goldenberg 18 years - 1983 with Windy City to 2001 with Masters Chronic

Appendix Page c:2
Under Most Consecutive Years A Woman Attended Nationals as a Player with the Same Team: missing name-
Lisa Kotora 11 (Ozone '94-'04)

Under Longest Continuously Running Tournaments/Events: Humboldt Harvest started in 1979, not 1978.

Under Longest Continuously Running Tournaments/Events Notes: Joe Barbarnel should be Joe Barbanel.

Appendix Page d:1
1972 Columbia High School Roster: Missing name-
John West Hadley

1986 Windy City Roster: Missing name-
Jose Montalvo

Appendix Page d:2
1994 Felix Roster: Missing name-
Corinne "Baco" Bacon Pisacane


Pages 7:162 and 7:163
Page numbers are missing.

Page 1:23
1st column, 7th paragraph: "includes" should be "include"

Page 3:53
Green area, 3rd line: "l981" should be "1981". The first "1" is a lowercase L, not a 1.

Page 3:61
2nd column, 3rd-to-last line: Simon refers to Eric (Sholom) Simon.

Page 3:66
1st column, middle of 6th paragraph: "hot- stamping" - extra space between the dash and "stamping"

Page 4:82
2nd column, 5th paragraph: Extra space between "Wilmington" and "squad"

Page 4:83
1st column, 5th paragraph, 4th line: left over soft-hyphen in "dom-inance"

Page 4:87
2nd column, 8th line: extra space between "the" and "1990"

Page 4:90
Caption on Cuervo ad: extra space between "were" and "welcome"

Page 4:99
2nd column, 9th line: "... form of meticulously..." should be "form of a meticulously..."

Page 7:164
2nd column, 2nd-to-last line: Should read "In 2005, Venezuela had..."


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